Let’s talk about the numerous photography pages which have dotted social media of late. From photographers specializing in artsy street photography to mushy pre-wedding shoot, we have it all. While it’s indeed great that people have taken interest in photography, here we present a handful of legal trivia photographers have wondered about before and actually need to know:


The thumb rule: If you can behold it, you can shoot it ;but quite a lot of cases have been slapped (and rightfully so!) on people for secretly trying to snap pictures of women. While that is not expressly illegal but it can indeed prove to be potentially offensive.


Is it illegal to take photographs at public places in India?

Not unless there’s a sign expressly depicting the same but it’s definitely on the helluva wrong side of law if you are photographing people who refuse to be photographed.


Are using aerial drones for photography legal?

Drones might pose a threat to security if left unregulated and they have been banned for commercial purposes in 2014. A lot of ambiguity pertaining to this still exists, though. A permit is required for aerial photography and takes about a month.


Can you take photographs of protected monuments?

Yes, but to bring in your appliances for the same, you need a written permission from an archaeological officer.


Does it clash with copyright law?

If you are at a designer store or a curio, despite the designs hanging outside as wares to be sold off, you are forbidden from clicking your way to glory because photographing them technically amounts to an attempt of illegally replicating their designs.


It goes without saying that photographers need to respect the privacy of individuals, failing which legal action can well be taken against them. You might find a striking face in the crowd but it’s not just polite to ask before you snap but legally the right thing to do as well.





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