Law and morals are said to possess a bitter sweet relationship. Laws, at times are derived from morals and at times they seem to tread on a different path altogether. Let’s talk about the topics which lie on the fringes of morality and law.

The Law Commission recently sought opinions from the public and stakeholders on whether gambling and betting are in sync with the Indian moral standards.

The question arose after the Apex Court asked the Commission to research on the possibility of legalising betting and gambling with respect to the IPL scandal.


What are the laws pertaining to gambling in India?

Gambling is covered by the 1867 Public Gambling Act and has, therefore, been under the scanner for many a year. However, the Indian states are allowed to enact their own laws with respect to gambling and betting. Also, online rummy or poker is not covered by the same.

Will legalising gambling and betting actually help?

Whether legalising betting and gambling will substantially help in curbing illegal activities is a question to ponder on. Also, a considerable amount of revenue and even employment might be generated from the same.

Bankruptcy and other implied issues:

Again, bankruptcy becomes a possible effect of the entire legalisation process of what is often presumed an immoral activity in Indian circumstances. India, being the welfare state it is, will need to develop a model to immunize the “players” from a probable bankruptcy. What about overseas betting and gambling companies? Whether they should be granted foothold in the country is also another question which has popped up.

Scenario in other countries:

Australia’s economy is said to be benefited from a regulated gambling industry. So has Canada, but on the flip side, Brazil has seen an acme increase in gambling addiction and crime rates.

Fair practices:

There even exist mechanisms like warning systems for detecting unusual betting patterns. It is beyond doubt that betting is considered evil in India but with transparent and controlled betting, it is predicted that it can actually help the economy.


While morals and laws are often not in consonance, here’s hoping that their trifle non consonance brings about profitable changes in the economy.


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