If the 1993 magnum opus Jurassic Park sparked your imagination, we are sure you remember how legal hassles plagued the fate of InGen. De extinction has forever posed to be the fancy topic, but 2016 brought our minds to start seriously believing in the concept of de extinction. Courtesy- The Pleistocene Park!

Hybrids of the extinct animals with their present day kin may start trotting the surface of earth soon enough.

Extinct animals have no rights. Period! But when they are so steadily coming into existence, some rights need to be adhered to them to make sure that these creatures do not meet with the same fate as those depicted in movies.

Let’s talk about mammoths. They need to be gestated in elephants and elephants are an endangered species as per The Endangered Species Act in the United States. How do people go about that?

Genetic modification is another point lawmakers need to ponder on. If the Cartagena Protocol allows suspension of normal trading rules for the prevention of entry of genetically modified products in a country, it’s time to re consider that as that is the only treaty on the block which pertains to genetically modified living organisms. Again, they are living animals. They cannot be categorized under products. What about their rights? Even though they are artificially “cooked up” in the lab, they need as much rights as any other animal that came to existence by sheer force of nature.

With no clear laws on the block, it is indeed time lawmakers get to work before the Tasmanian devils and mammoths are let loose on the earth!

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