Tax officials probably do not care about curses, given the fact that Romanian taxmen dared impose a tax on witches. Call it curses of recession!

In Romania, alternate professions like that of witches, astrologers and soothsayers were not part of the labor code. While this move of imposition of taxes meant recognition for people belonging to these professions, it also caused quite a stir when witches started hurling poisonous mandrakes into the Danube River.

True, the witches hardly earn anything to be taxed for. While that is indeed a point to be empathetic for, imposing taxes also mean that they are recognized now. The witches have for long been prejudiced against and most of them have not exactly lead grand lives with respect to money.

It is not humanly possible to measure the exact magnitude of witchcraft economy in Romania but there have been documented cases of a couple of wealthy witches.

This move is contradictory in its entirety! It is a positive one for the witches because they receive recognition but again monetarily taxing. Romania doesn’t endorse witchcraft and soothsaying, then why recognize this profession at all?


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