Hooked to Breaking Bad and often find yourself gushing at the locations of the same? We have some news for you! While the city of Albuquerque might look all tailor made for this cult series, it wasn’t always decidedly so.

As time progressed, this Mexican city acquired a persona of its own in the series. It was something the audience has not seen before, a far cry from the picturesque locales of Versailles or the bling of NYC. Albuquerque has a sense of mystery about itself. The cast speaks fondly about the clouds in Albuquerque. Aaron Paul even has a residential property in the city. The cast connects with Albuquerque. So does every spectator!

With panegyrics being heaped upon this Mexican city from the cast and the spectators of the series, let us provide you with a piece of information. Breaking Bad was originally set in Riverside, California. Why was it changed to the famed Albuquerque then? Well, taxes! Yes, just the way taxes have governed many a financial decision in the common man’s life.

New Mexico has a substantial tax rebate for film and television production and that was the sole reason why the filming location was shifted to Albuquerque.

Mexico offers a tax break in the form of a Value Added Tax to any foreign production who decides on filming on Mexican grounds. It can slightly vary (between 11% to 16%) based on the area where the payment of VAT is made.

Though it will undeniably be unfair to gauge how connected the audience or the cast would have become with the first choice of location, it can definitely be said that Albuquerque is the location Breaking Bad was destined to be filmed.

Care to appreciate taxes, at least once?

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