Courtroom drama can be as exciting as a box-office shaking movie. While most lawyers and law students agree on that, there do exist some movies which have tapped on the courtroom scenes, legal loopholes and all thing legal.

Here’s a list of movies which every lawyer must watch:

  1. To kill a mocking bird

With the legend Gregory Peck playing the role of a lawyer to a man who has been prejudiced against and falsely accused of rape, this movie was widely lauded for the crucial lessons it gave on prejudice and fears associated with it.




  1. A Civil Action

Move over cowboys fighting over land, love or leisure in a mystique North American town, because two lawyers(played by John Tavolta and Robert Duvall) are a complete treat for the eyes. The case in question is the death of 12 children due to leukaemia. One legal team alleges that it is largely the effect of pollution caused by two large corporations whereas the opponent lawyer(working for one of the corporations) argue that they cannot be factually proven.




  1. Pink

Foraying into our very own B-Town, Pink is one such movie every one, whether hailing from the legal background or not should watch. The concept of consent and how misinterpreted it can be has been portrayed with sheer accuracy in this Anuruddha Roy Chowdhury film.



  1. Anatomy of a murder

This is one movie which is subtle on the courtroom drama and brimmed with reason. Based on the best-selling novel by Robert Traver, the movie stars James Stewart as the lawyer who takes up the case of Lt. Manion.




  1. The Rainmaker

Matt Damon portrays Rudy Baylor, the protagonist of this movie who decides to take up the case of a family with a terminally ill son against the insurance company which is represented by a mighty law firm. Gritty to the core!




Do let us know about your favourite legal movies, in the comments below!

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